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Social Network Software is web-based software for developing social networking websites. It is built on PHP/MYSQL/Linux Platform that enables you to quickly deploy a fully functional social network customized to your requirement.

It can be used for setting up niche social network site for a specific country, company or business category. It helps people with common interests to share information and knowledge and has several features like Groups, Blogs, Chat, Make Friends, classifieds, directory, profile etc.

It also helps you to bring your clients, employees, vendors and management on the same network. And provide dynamic collaboration and information sharing across your company with features like file sharing, chat, blogs, events, internal mail box etc.

User Management

Advantages of Setting up a Social Network Software website

  • Create and manage a social networking website so that people having a particular common interest can join it.
  • Make money by online ads, creating an online marketplace, selling levels of membership, professional information and social connections to businesses.
  • Create and manage a social networking website for his/her Company or Organization so that only its members can join it, exchange information about the Company/Organization, expand their social network and hence increase working output.


SNS helps you to set up a social network site for a specific country, company or business category where people with common interests can share information and knowledge by exploiting several features like Groups, Blogs, Chat, Make Friends, classifieds, directory, profile etc.

The key features of the website are:

  • Members can send Friend Request to other people whom they want to share information with
  • Members can post content in the form of Guest Book, documents, pictures and videos and share the same with others.
  • Members can message privately to any member on the website, and can also block any member to do the same to them.
  • Members can setup communities of their interests and post in forum where they are allowed to
  • Members will get an embedded mail box where they can compose mails, can read their mails sent by others in Inbox, can see the sent mails and can access even the deleted mails in Trash.
  • Members have the right to fill information about themselves to whatever extent on profile page so that others can see it.
  • Members can have a look at their friend list can even search one by his/her name.
  • Members can make their own Blog
  • Members can bookmark the pages they like on the website so that they can visit it often.
  • Members can create Event and invite other members they want to.
  • Members can create separate Group and can share specific information with all the members of that group in one go.
  • Members can add contacts in their Contact List.
  • Members can add members to their Blocked lists so that they cannot post things on their Guest Book and cannot message them.
  • Members can ask questions to other members and then can get the information about who answered what.
  • Members can post some classified advertisements on its page.
  • Members can create their own directory and then can add URL to it.
  • Members can use the Chat toolbar to chat with other friends who are online.