Admin Guide

Article Manager

Article Manager is an Article Management System in which admin can post articles and can perform various functions on it.

At the Right Side, it displays List of Articles.

Article Manager consists of following sub options:

Article Report- It is General Report which displays list of no. of articles, active articles, featured and pending articles (for approval) month wise for the present year. It also displays:

  • Total no. of Articles
  • Total No. of Active Articles
  • Total no. of Featured Articles
  • Total no. of pending Articles which is to be approved.

Article Categories-It displays article categories and sub categories. To add a new category click on 'New' button at the bottom of the list. Right Submenu consists of following options:

User Management
  • Edit - To edit any selected category or subcategory.
  • Delete - To delete selected category or subcategory.

List of Articles- It shows following details of all the articles:

  • Title of the Article
  • Category of the Article
  • Status- green means article is enable, red means article is disable and can not be visible on net.
  • Featured-Green means it is featured article and red means it is un featured. Featured article can be displayed on home page.
  • Show Date- Date when article is written.
  • Date Added- Date when article is published.

Right Submenu Options are:

  • Edit-To edit the selected article.
  • Delete- To delete the selected article.
  • View Article-It shows selected article.
  • View Comments- Display comments of selected article.

List of Pending Comments- It show username who add comment, article name on which comment is added, status of comment and whether it is inserted or not. Click on 'Action' to perform action on particular comment.

Article Search- Article can be search by Title of article, Author or by selecting article category.