Admin Guide


Photo Management Package manages all photos uploaded by users. This consists of following sub menu:

List of Photos - It lists present photos uploaded by users with following details:

  • Title of the photo
  • Name of the Album
  • Username who upload the photo
  • Status of the photo enable/disable
  • Featured or un featured
  • Thumbnail of the Photo
  • No. of hits received by photo
  • Date of Insertion of photo

Action button to access photo. |> This sign, corresponding to any photo, shows that the right sub menu can be used to view/delete this photo while @ sign shows that corresponding photo cannot be deleted/viewed till you click on this action button and change it to |> sign. Right sub menu allows to :

User Management
  • Delete corresponding photo.
  • View corresponding photo.
  • View the comments on the corresponding photo.

List of Pending Photos - This lists photos which are still to be approved and are disabled. Click on green button of status to make the photo enabled & approved.

Photo Report Spam - Lists photos title, album which is reported as spam by any user. It also shows no. of users who report this photo as a spam. Admin can view/delete the photo.