Admin Guide

Point System

A point system has been implemented in the website. It helps administrator know that which user contributes more on the website. This is how point system works:

  • Different activities on the website are allotted with different points, which can be edited by admin according to what looks right to him/her in the Point System menu. Eg. If Admin thinks that polls should be promoted in the website he should increase its value.
  • Whenever a member gets involved in such activities and completes it, he/she gets the points in his/her account.
  • High contributors can be benefited by sending them gifts over mail or for beta testing of any new feature.

So, the more the members engage themselves in activities on this website, the more benefit they will get and more popular your website will become.

User Management

Point System Menu

This page shows the various activities (Module Name) that have been allotted some points which are shown correspondingly to them. The right sub menu can be used to edit/delete the Module Name.

There is 'New' button at the bottom through which you can add new activity (Module Name) and can assign any desired point to it.