Admin Guide


It shows website analytics for the current year:

User Management
  • No. of users
  • Active users
  • Inactive users
  • Featured users
  • No. of groups
  • Public groups
  • Moderated groups
  • No. of classified
  • Active Classified
  • Inactive Classified
  • Total no. of photos
  • Total no of documents
  • Total no. of blogs
  • Total no of active blogs
  • Total no of inactive blogs
  • Total no of questions
  • Total no of active questions
  • Total no of inactive questions
  • Total no of featured answers
  • Total no of bookmarks
  • Total no of active bookmarks
  • Total no of inactive bookmarks
  • Total no of videos

It also lists no. of users, groups, blogs, bookmarks, questions, answers, classified, photos, videos and documents month wise.

It also lists no. of hits received by audio files, videos and photos, no. of times profile is edited by user, no. of times profile is viewed, no. of friends, no. of times guestbook opened, no. of times search is performed, no. of blogs viewed, messages send, poll attended, events, Q&A, classified, directory, invitation given & bookmarks received.