Admin Guide


Allow to configure settings of the website. Submenu consists of following options:

Site Configuration- Allow to edit or create new configuration for the site. This page shows configuration title, its value & action button to edit the present setting. The present settings of the site are:

Default Site Title- Title of the website. This is shown in the browser title bar and is important feature for SEO.

User Management

Feedback Email- Email id used to send the feedback.

Default Language Speak- Default language of the site.

Default Theme: Theme set by user as default.

Mobile Site Logo-

Site Title-

Left Box Width(admin)- Configure width of the left column of the admin control panel.

Right Box Width(admin)- Configure width of the right column of the admin control panel.

Site Owner- Changes of the Site Owner

Admin Email Id- Specify email address of the admin of the site.

Site Address- Mention address of the web site

Email From- This is email id which is to be used while sending any information from admin to any user.

Char set- Char set used fro browser.

Default Country- Set Default country. At present it is USA.

Logout if idle- Duration of time in seconds after which user automatically get logged out from the site if remains idle for that period.

Minimum Values

Password- Defines minimum length of the password. Change the data in 'value' text box.

Credit card owner name- Changes minimum length of the credit card owner name. To do so make changes in 'value' text box.

Credit card number- Defines minimum length of the credit card number. Make changes in 'value' text box to perform this.

Maximum Values

Define maximum number for the following list. Please make changes in 'value' text box only:

  • Maximum No. of articles to be listed.
  • Maximum no of photos which is to be allowed in any album.
  • Maximum no of forums which can be created.
  • Maximum no of questions user can asked.
  • Maximum no of answers user can give
  • Community list
  • Maximum no. of classifieds that can be added
  • No. of groups one can join
  • Maximum size allowed for the photo to be uploaded
  • Size of total photo of a user
  • No. of events added by the user
  • No. of users that can be displayed per page
  • Maximum results per page
  • Maximum no of photos can be shown in search results page


Admin can fix width & height of the small image.

Backup Manager

Update or take a new backup of the whole site. Click on 'New' button at the bottom of the page for new backup. This requires to enter the following data in the 'New Configuration' form on the right side:

  • Title of the backup
  • Name of the person who is taking the backup
  • Value i.e. location where backup is to be stored.
  • Description of the backup

Email Options

Following email options can be edited by selecting the title & then clicking on 'Edit' button on the right side and make changes in 'value' option:

Email Transport Method- Defines whether server uses a local connection to 'sendmail' or uses an 'SMTP' connection via TCP/IP. Servers running on Windows and Mac OS should change this setting to SMTP.

Email Linefeeds- Defines the character sequence used to separate mail headers.

Use MIME HTML when sending Emails- Send e-mails in HTML format. Choose true or false.

Verify Email Addresses through DNS- Verifies Email Addresses through DNS Server. Choose true or false.

Send Emails- Allow sending emails.

New Email configuration can be added from 'New' button at the bottom of the E-mail Options configuration list.

Gzip Compression

Enable/Disable HTTP Compression level & allows to change compression level between 0-9.


Make changes in 'value' option for the following logging features:

  • Store page parse time will store the time to parse the page. Select 'true' or 'false' to activate or deactivate.
  • Log Destination defines the directory & file of the page parse time log.
  • Defines the date format of the log.
  • Enable/ Disable the display of the page parse time. For this store page parse time must be enabled.
  • Store Database Queries- Enable/ Disable the storing of the database queries in the page parse time log.
  • Define URL where database queries are stored.

New logging configuration can be added from 'New' button at the bottom of the Logging configuration list.

Module Setting

Allow enabling or disabling of the following modules by clicking on green (enable) or red(disable) button of the 'status':

  • Photo
  • Vieo
  • Group
  • Blog
  • Article
  • Audio
  • Block List
  • Even
  • QandA
  • Bookmark
  • Classified
  • Directory
  • Document

Error List

Displays list of errors in log file.