Admin Guide

User Management

Displays the list of members registered in the website.

It has two submenus, namely, List Of User and User Privacy

List Of User:This menu lists all the users who have created their account on your website. The page shows the following details of the members:

Name- The full name of the member as entered by the same

Email Address - The Email address through which we can contact the member and which will be used while resetting the password by the member

Points These are the points earned by the member by performing various activities on the website.

More on Point System Points of a user is directly proportional to its contribution to the social network. For example, if a user creates a group he will be awarded points.

User Management

Likewise in case of a poll, videos, photographs etc. he will be awarded points and in this way all these high contributors can be segregated from other regular users.

Gender Gender of the member, whether male or female

Status It shows whether the member's account is activated or not. When a member deactivates his/her account, it does not get deleted, but the status of his/her account is changed to red dot from green dot where the green dot shows that it is activated and the red dot shows it is not. You can edit the status of any member's account by clicking on either dot on the same page. This can be done to block a undesirable user.

Featured Sometimes the theme of your website is capable of showing some profiles on the home page. This option allows you to control the profiles that you want to show. The green dot means that you want it to be featured on home page and red dot means that you do not. If there are more members having green dot on their profile than the no. of profiles that can be featured on home page, then the profiles are picked at random at every other refresh of home page.

Tip: Users with high points can be made featured.

Inserted This tells you the date on which their account was created.

Hits Number of clicks received

Action - It is the action button to access every member's details. > This sign, corresponding to any profile, shows that the right sub menu can be used to edit/delete this profile and to view points associated with it. While @ sign shows that corresponding profile cannot be edited till you click on this action button and change it to > sign

Right sub menu

The right submenu allows you to

  • Edit almost all the information contained in the profile
  • Delete the profile
  • View the points associated with the profile
  • Go to the control panel of the profile which is actually the home page of member and you can use it just like he or she does

You can sort the list either in increasing or in decreasing order by clicking on the field's name

Though it shows the details of first 20 members in the first page, you can choose to see details of other members too by choosing the page in the drop down page menu in the bottom

User Privacy:

This menu shows the user name of the member, Email address associated, and a no. of options to enable/disable features for a particular member. These features are:

  • Create Group
  • Create Forum
  • Create Message
  • Create Poll
  • Create Event
  • Create Photo
  • Create Group Photo
  • Create Video
  • Create Blogs
  • Create Bookmarks
  • Create Classified
  • Create question
  • Create Answers
  • Create Directory

The highlighted green dot shows that the corresponding member is allowed to use that feature and a highlighted red dot shows that the feature is kept disabled for him/her. You can change the option by clicking either of the dots.