Admin Guide


List of Videos - Lists uploaded videos with following details:

  • Title of the video
  • User name
  • Video enables/ disabled
  • Featured or un featured
  • Video thumbnail
  • No. of hits video received
  • Date of insertion
User Management

Action - It is the action button to access videos. |> This sign, corresponding to any video, shows that the right sub menu can be used to delete video and to view comments associated with that video while @ sign shows that corresponding video cannot be deleted till you click on this action button and change it to |> sign.

List of Pending Videos- This lists title, album name, user name, status, video thumbnail, date of insertion of the pending videos. Pending videos can be approved by clicking on corresponding video action button.

Video Report Spam- This lists videos which are reported as spam. Spam video can be deleted by clicking on 'delete'. Members can be viewed by clicking on 'view member'. This also shows no. of reports who report video as spam.