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In a comprehensive report on Social Networking by Econsultancy, analyzed the strategies, tactics and websites companies are using to harness social media for marketing, sales, customer service and other business objectives.

Most companies they claim are now beyond the experimental phase in social media. The research, done in partnership with LBi and bigmouthmedia, based on an online survey of more than 1,000 businesses, also found that companies are focussing on a so-called ‘big four’: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Report highlights include:
• More than half of company respondents say their organizations use Facebook for reacting to customer issues and inquiries compared to only 29% last year.
• The smartphone is overwhelmingly deemed to be the most persuasive device for social media, according to 73% of company respondents.
• When asked to describe the value they get from social media, some 37% of companies report they are unable to measure (and ‘the jury is still out’), compared to 47% in 2010.
• Some 39% of companies do not use any kind of buzz monitoring tool, including free tools.
• Almost three-quarters of respondents (73%) say their organisation considers the effect of social media on SEO.

The research also found that the trend most likely to have the biggest impact during the next year is the increased use of mobile and smart devices, such as tablets, deemed to be ‘highly significant’ by more than half of responding companies.

The full 2011 report is available at


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