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Mobile access to corporate information, across multiple devices, and the security and policies issues associated with that, is one of the biggest issues that any IT organization has to face this year. It’s already a huge issue, and likely to grow both in importance and in complexity in the years ahead.

IT departments now face new challenges, — especially as the iPhone, iPad, and a slew of Android-based devices are gaining popularity, — and companies need to address these devices as well.

Enterprise IT departments have long had a complicated relationship with mobile devices. Users want to get their mail and corporate information on their phones and other devices, but IT departments typically worry about security, and sensibly want to control the information that resides on such devices.

For a long time, the solution that just about every big U.S. company has settled on is the BlackBerry. It offers secure delivery and transport of information, as well as very detailed corporate management. Most IT departments are now quite comfortable with the BlackBerry.

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