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In the recent times Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc have experienced enormous growth. Professionals now go online to communicate and social networks are changing the way people engage and work.   Social networking sites have become very popular with Doctors, physicians & other medical professionals because they allow them to share journals, activities, events, and information within medical communities.   Social networks also connect doctors with patients. Hospitals use social networking sites […]


According to Bullhorn – a company that develops recruitment software, among the social networking sites – LinkedIn leads rate of usage by recruiters and their effectiveness for sourcing candidates, followed by Twitter, and Facebook coming in third.   Bullhorn released a Social Recruiting Activity Report, which examines the usage of social media in executive and job recruiting.   According to the report, 48 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn exclusively. These recruiters have an average of […]


Social networking has become a major part of everybody’s lives to increase internal communication.   Social media are being used in a number of ways within the medical industry. Many Doctors, Medical Professionals and Hospitals are employing socially based, business-targeted solutions. In fact Medical Industry is experimenting new uses for social media are being developed every day.   Social Networking offers physicians the chance to connect with others in their profession for knowledge sharing, networking […]

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In a surprise move Google Search Engine has started indexing and posting content within Google Plus social networking site. It now gives an enormous advantage to Google Plus as compared to Facebook or Twitter. Because it is presumed that Google Plus content will get favored over other social networking sites. According to Amit Singhal of Official Google Blog: We’re transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships. […]

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Social media has changed forever how we interact and connect online. Simply by updating a personal page or sending out a tweet, users can let their network of friends know what is happening in their lives. People can also send out videos, pictures and lots of other content with just a few clicks of a mouse. Social networking sites enable connecting with people and becoming member of communities of like minded people. Social networking sites […]

Twitter has revamped its website to allow users to have a more detailed view of their profile page. It also changed the layout to help companies better showcase their brands. The new design introduces three new buttons: Home, @Connect and #Discover. The Home button takes you to your main Twitter feed. The @Connect button shows you all the interactions you’ve had with other users. The #Discover section features trending news stories and hashtags. On the […]

Twitter the popular online social networking and microblogging service has made certain changes in recent weeks. 1. Activity Tab It includes an “activity” tab that gives updates of what other people who liked your posts or retweeted are doing on the service. It provides a rich new source of discovery by highlighting the latest Favorites, Retweets and Follows from the people you follow on Twitter. It is a kind of NewsFeed of Facebook. 2. […]

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