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SocialNetworkSoftware allows you to create a simple networking site for your group,activity or organization.
It can also integrate social networking components into existing website.

You can also use it as a Corporate Intranet to bring your clients, employees, vendors and management on the same network.
Provide dynamic collaboration and information sharing across your company with features like file sharing, chat, blogs, events, internal mail box etc

5 Tips for creating your own social networking site:

1. Do Basic Research
Identify the business or category and get a domain name.
Allocate a separate budget for web development and marketing.
Make member/income projections and plan a revenue model.

2. Design and Layout
Prepare the design guideline for developing homepage e.g. text, logo, benchmark homepage design, color combinations, favorite layout examples etc.

3. List of Features
Go through the online demo.
Compile a list of features required.
It may even include any customization that is not mentioned in the feature list. Basically it would be the list of deliverables for the project.

4. Content    
Prepare all the static content for homepage and respective internal pages e.g. about us, company information etc. Also prepare content for community more vibrant like articles,blogs,videos,links etc.

5. Web Hosting and Installation
Send the web host information or avail of our free web-hosting offer by making DNS changes in your domain control panel.

A Social Network bring people together.
With your own look and feel, and choice of social integration open new doors to revenue and involvement.


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