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According to Bullhorn – a company that develops recruitment software, among the social networking sites – LinkedIn leads rate of usage by recruiters and their effectiveness for sourcing candidates, followed by Twitter, and Facebook coming in third.


Bullhorn released a Social Recruiting Activity Report, which examines the usage of social media in executive and job recruiting.


According to the report, 48 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn exclusively.

These recruiters have an average of 661 connections, and don’t leverage the other two networks for social recruiting. From there, recruiters use Twitter more than Facebook.

Despite the fact that recruiters have fewer connections on Twitter (37 followers on average), 19 percent are connected to both LinkedIn and Twitter, while only 10 percent are connected to both LinkedIn and Facebook (245 friends on average).


In terms of adoption, LinkedIn continues to grow at the fastest pace.

The average recruiter adds 18.5 LinkedIn connections each week, compared to 3.3 Twitter followers, 1.4 Facebook friends.

LinkedIn drives more views per job than Twitter and Facebook, generating three times the amount of views of Twitter and six times the amount of Facebook.


LinkedIn – is a business related social networking site is mainly used for professional networking.

It has more than 135 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories. It is now disrupting the traditional recruiting industry.


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