online ads

According to a repot from eMarketer online spending on digital ads will grow 20% this year to reach nearly $40 billion. More significantly it predicts that Online Ad revenues will overtake Print Ads this year.   The reasons eMarketer cites are not surprising: people are spending more time online, a perception that online ads are more quantifiable, and a growing comfort by advertisers in ad campaigns that integrate multiple channels, including online. Another reason is […]

business networking

The Intranet of yester years has evolved into Business collaboration software or Enterprise Social Software or Enterprise collaboration suite.   It is software that can help bring a company’s clients, employees, vendors and management on the same network. Provide dynamic collaboration and information sharing across the company with features like file sharing, chat, blogs, events, internal mail box, events etc.   More and more companies are replacing the email setup with an internal messaging system. […]

In a very surprising move..Google updated its Privacy Policy that covers across the board.   Most analysts feel that it has been done to accommodate Google Plus.The results across your Google account will be available via Google Plus and also reflect in common dashboard.   According to Google: “Our new policy reflects a single product experience that does what you need, when you want it to. Whether reading an email that reminds you to schedule […]


Social networking has become a major part of everybody’s lives to increase internal communication.   Social media are being used in a number of ways within the medical industry. Many Doctors, Medical Professionals and Hospitals are employing socially based, business-targeted solutions. In fact Medical Industry is experimenting new uses for social media are being developed every day.   Social Networking offers physicians the chance to connect with others in their profession for knowledge sharing, networking […]


Social networking has become a major part of many companies’ approach to their customers and to internal collaboration and companies are employing socially based, business-targeted solutions.   IBM introduced new social, collaboration and mobile capabilities for its enterprise networking platform and cloud services.   It also announced the beta of the next release of its industry-leading enterprise social networking platform, IBM Connections. Powered by analytics, IBM Connections delivers the widest range of capabilities, including wikis, […]


Implementing SOPA strictly as per law would mean an end to several social networking sites, especially those with user generated videos and movies like YouTube. Stop Online Piracy Act, known as SOPA is designed to tackle the problem of foreign-based websites that sell pirated movies, music and other products. The basic method is to stop U.S. companies from providing funding, advertising, links or other assistance to the foreign sites. The bills would give Justice Department […]

google plus search

In a surprise move Google Search Engine has started indexing and posting content within Google Plus social networking site. It now gives an enormous advantage to Google Plus as compared to Facebook or Twitter. Because it is presumed that Google Plus content will get favored over other social networking sites. According to Amit Singhal of Official Google Blog: We’re transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships. […]

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