Press Release – New York, December 2011 – online software that enables anyone to setup a custom social network launched its new version. Using the software you can setup a social network for your business category, specific region, adult, general, students, company and customers or just about anybody. Based on customer feedback and Industry trends the software has been recently upgraded to include: Mobile Version Mobile friendly version of the website that works on […]


Custom Community Software refers to software solution modeled on social software’s such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which allow your customers and employees to connect with each other and with your business. The right community software like Social Networking Software can help grow your business internally as well as externally. Internally, it can help improve your employee productivity, and externally, it can help you connect better with your customers. How Community Software Boosts Employee Productivity […]


Tech Blogs are amongst the most popular blogs. They provide an insight on Web 2.0 Services, Venture Capital, Latest Gadgets, Gaming etc. Also there is a great deal of news on latest acquisitions in tech world thereby spreading a lot of positive energy. Here is the list of top 20 tech blogs

Not confirmed by Facebook yet but it has acquired location sharing service Gowalla. Gowalla like Foursquare is a social location sharing service. Gowalla has recently recast itself as a travel guide when it became apparent that rival Foursquare was growing far more quickly. For Facebook the acquisition of Gowalla helps in 2 major ways: 1. Facebook’s vision for Timeline Which is a mix of media to display different stages of a user’s life and integrate […]

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SocialNetworkSoftware allows you to create a simple networking site for your group,activity or organization. It can also integrate social networking components into existing website. You can also use it as a Corporate Intranet to bring your clients, employees, vendors and management on the same network. Provide dynamic collaboration and information sharing across your company with features like file sharing, chat, blogs, events, internal mail box etc 5 Tips for creating your own social networking site: […]


Along with every order of we provide a custom home page. The home page can be made using table or CSS framwork. We use 960 Grid System – CSS Framework. It is a series of stylesheets created to make a web developer’s life easier. They account for the various quirks of browsers, are easily adaptable, and apply basic design principles like establishing visually pleasing margins between elements. 960 also have typography stylesheets, which […]

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As a part of the order for we will provide free social networking website hosting. This will help to jumpstart the project and you can shift to your own web host later when the amount of users grow over time. You will get your own web host control panel with disk space, bandwidth, ftp and email ids etc. So you can manage your social network easily. The details of our social networking website hosting […]

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