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Social networking has become a major part of everybody’s lives to increase internal communication.


Social media are being used in a number of ways within the medical industry.

Many Doctors, Medical Professionals and Hospitals are employing socially based, business-targeted solutions. In fact Medical Industry is experimenting new uses for social media are being developed every day.


Social Networking offers physicians the chance to connect with others in their profession for knowledge sharing, networking and support. It allows physicians to explore job opportunities, share clinical information and do case studies and even interact with Patients. Also some Medical Social Networking sites also allow patients communicating online with Doctors.


It is taking a larger role in the information that Doctors use on an ongoing basis. Some medical journals are moving to an online-only format, while others offer a more interactive experience for physicians to engage with their content. YouTube has a huge repository of medical related videos.


These social networking sites can generate revenues by sharing information with Pharmaceutical, Medical devices companies and charging for access to knowledge and poll results coming from the community.


Social networking websites for medical professionals are growing tremendously and have become a popular way of communicating & networking. Some of the popular Social Networking Sites for Medical Professionals are:


Medical Professionals, Pl. send us your feedback, in case we have missed any medical social networking site.


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