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Social gaming refers to games that are played on social networks such as Facebook, featuring multiplayer gaming, and asynchronous game-play. With tens of millions of players actively playing social games every day, social gaming is one of the most popular pastimes for users on the internet.

Games like FarmVille, Mafia Wars and Words with Friends are part of the zeitgeist of the internet. Zynga Games, the foremost company in social game development, is valued between $10B to $8B, underlining the profitability and importance of social gaming.

Features of Social Games

What makes social games popular is the social aspect of the games. For most players, the biggest attraction, and the reason they play these games, is that their friends or family are already playing it. Many games incorporate friends list into the dynamics of the game, so that the more friends you have in the game, the more successful you can be.

Every Social Gaming platform has a Forum, Point System, Help Videos, Banner Manager, Facebook integration etc and builds a Community around the game. It can be setup through a Social Networking Software like .

Most social games do not require the different players to play the game in real time.  Called asynchronous game-play, this allows them to play the game at their own time, giving more freedom of play. For most social games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars, there are no victory conditions. The players are supposed to keep on playing the game as they increase the score to the maximum possible.

The top Social Games

  • CityVille Available on Facebook, it has more than 10 million daily active players, making it the most popular game on any social network. CityVille is a city-building simulation game similar to CastleVille, another popular game. CastleVille ranks second in the Facebook rankings as of the end of 2011.
  • Words With Friends In this game players take turns as they build words in a crossword. You can play with friends or with random players. The game is available on iOS( iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android as a free and paid app, and on Facebook.
  • FarmVille Farmville is a farming simulation game where the player manages a virtual farm by planting seeds, plowing the farm, and by raising crops. You can request your friends to become your neighbor in the game, and exchange seeds and other game objects with them.
  • Texas HoldEm Poker, The Sims Social, Empires and Allies and Bubble with Saga are some of the other popular social network games.


Another major feature of social gaming is the use of virtual currency. For many games, you can buy virtual currency by paying for it with real money, whereas in others you can collect virtual currency by finishing quests and goals. Virtual currency can be used to buy artifacts, construct buildings, and to bid for objects in the game marketplace.

Social Gaming is today the fastest growing segment in the social networking member community and no social networking site can afford to ignore it.





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