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A theme is a preset package containing graphical appearance details, used to customize the look and feel of home page of the website. Theme is used to change the site wide appearance of a whole range of things at once, like buttons, color, layout, text, logo, background amongst others.

They provide your website a total new vibrant look which can act as an attraction to the members of your website. It also prevents the boredom a website attaches to itself when it possesses the same look for a longer period of time. You can also enliven your members by providing them different kinds of themes related to ongoing scenarios like product, service, affiliate, seasons, festivals, worldwide important days, historic events or some bigger world news.

How to change Themes

In Themes menu, you can change the default theme of your website. You can choose from various in-built themes or from the themes that have been uploaded.

Go to Admin control panel – Themes


The menu shows:-

  1. Preview of all the themes so that you can recognize by just having a look at them
  2. Names are shown next to the previews
  3. It also shows the version of the theme you are having.
  4. Changing the default theme -> click on the radio button of the respective theme which has to be applied and click on ‘Save’ button or Set as Default.
  5. Go To Themes - Save.
  6. Refresh your website if does not get changed automatically

To learn how to create your own themes, read Create Themes.

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