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Your virtual community and fundraising platform to recruit and mentor students, engage alumni and volunteers, and cultivate donors at scale.

Every organization has a community of supporters and friends willing to help if only they could be engaged.

Every organization has a team of dedicated people who could do so much more if only they were supported by the right tools and technology.

Graduway believes in the combined power of community and technology to help our partners transform the world for the better.

Today, Graduway is the leading community and fundraising software platform. We work with 2,000+ schools, colleges, non-profits and healthcare organizations globally, and have offices in London, Boston, Seattle and Tel Aviv.

Graduway builds for its partners their own exclusive virtual community and the enablement tools for their teams to scale.

There are two core pillars of the platform:

Firstly, Graduway provides world-class community software. We empower organizations to build closer relationships with their constituents by facilitating valuable conversations and connections between parents, students, volunteers, alumni and donors.

Secondly, Graduway provides patented fundraising software. We leverage AI and machine learning to go beyond insights and prompt teams to connect with their communities and fundraise at scale.

Graduway’s vision is for each partner to have their own community and fundraising platform to:

– empower their admission, alumni and donor communities, and

– enable their organization to scale their ambassador, mentoring and fundraising campaigns.

The result:

More Ambassadors. More Mentors. More Donors. One Community.

Graduway – Unleash the Power of Your Community!

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