At Gumtree, we help make Good Finds happen. From great deals that save you a few extra pounds, to finding a buyer who will enjoy something as much as you did.

It’s all our responsibility to make sure getting a Good Find is always simple, easy, and enjoyable, so we can build a culture where people share more and waste less. We’re committed to building a ecommerce culture We believe it’s good for business, for society and for the planet.

Our platform

  • 9.2m unique visitors per month*
  • 18% reach of online adult population*
  • 770m page views consumed per month**
  • 2.8m messages sent between users per month**
  • 2.2m live listings across the full site per month**
  • 1.8m live listings in For Sale category per month**
  • 302k live listings in Motors category per month**
  • 62m Visits per month**

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