Web Hosting Requirements For Social Networking Site
The social networking software is installed online on the actual server that hosts your website. It can be a dedicated server, shared server or virtual server.

  • Linux Server with disk space One G.B + with adequate bandwidth
  • PHP – Your web server must have PHP 5.2 or better
  • MySQL 4.2 or above
  • ImageMagick or GD2 (PHP module) for high-quality thumbnails producing.
  • Cron Job Editor for receiving email alerts.
  • phpMyAdmin – It is a tool to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web.
  • .htaccess support. (mode rewrite enable )
  • Annual hosting package along with installation and setup is free with the purchase of our software.

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If you’re not sure whether your web server meets the listed requirements, pl. contact us for assistance.