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What is Social Networking?

Networking or grouping of individuals is known as social networking. Social networking is possible in a workplace, organization and in schools but it is most common in online. The popularity of online networking is more because there are millions of internet users who are looking for friendships and business relationships.

Leading Social Networking Sites

People have always been forming groups irrespective of the era they belong to. This is the IT age, so there has to be some way of forming social groups and communicating through the Internet. We all use computers a lot now.

Benefits of Social Networking

The aim of social networking is to develop online relationships through community building. Social networking helps people to share anything in common or different from each other. If the people with common taste or different taste are distributed in various locations, then social networking is helpful to maintain contacts with each other

Advantage of Business Social Networking

Social networking is very helpful to build the credibility of your business or any marketing initiatives. If you use social networking sites properly, then you can save lots of money and time for the promotion of your business.