Leading Social Networking Sites

People have always been forming groups irrespective of the era they belong to. This is the IT age, so there has to be some way of forming social groups and communicating through the Internet. We all use computers a lot now. It is a machine after all. So after spending an entire day with such a helpful gadget, we still feel the need of communicating with another person probably someone with similar interests.

What helps us here is social networking. It helps us communicate with others, sitting right where we are, in middle of our work. We no more need to wait for a long weekend to spend time with friends. It’s all here, a matter of few clicks.

The first social networking website was ‘classmates.com’ which was launched in 1995. Dozens of social networking sites have come up now. Here is a review of some of the most popular ones.


This social networking site tops the list. It started in 2003 and stood as the most popular one around the world till date. Myspace provides a lot of flexibility and several options to customize your profile just the way you like. You can also add applications of your choice. Of course it allows you to make friends, add your photos, organize events with friends, upload music and video and lot many things.


Orkut is one of the most popular website in India , Brazil and the US . It is named after its creator Orkut Buyukkokten, who worked for Google at that time. It was started in January 2004. It has found maximum popularity in Brazil . It has many features like personalizing your profile and adding pictures and apps. After Brazil , most Orkut users are Americans and Indians.


Facebook was created in Harvard University by Mark Zukerburg in 2004. It is also very popular as it was initially setup for college students. It does not have a professional but a more friendly and youthful look. Although it is now available for everybody, most of the facebook users are still in college.


Bebo was created by Michael and Xochi Birch and launched in 2005. Bebo has all the features that other sites of this genre have. Other than those, the unique feature that Bebo had was the whiteboard widget. Using this feature, the visitors and draw or write freely in your profile. Also there was Google maps feature, which showed the regions from which your friends belong.


Twitter is a site that helps you track your friends. Every time any one logs in, he has to answer the question where they are and what are they doing. It can be fun and it is also very addictive. It can be used through your mobile as well.


Linkedin is a more professional type of networking site. Here you can add friends, and people to do business with. You can also get jobs & referrals by using this website

Social networking is becoming more popular day by day. These are just few of the popular web sites. There are others that cater to the audience of specific regions, interests and age groups. You can register on a few of them, depending on where your friends are and what you expect from a social networking web site. They are generally used for making new friends, finding business associates, finding dating partners or simply getting back in touch with old friends and acquaintances.

Whatever your agenda is, you will sure find a social networking site that suits your needs.